Hogg Rescue 2

Hogg Rescue 2 is a 2006 Renault Master front line Ambulance normally used to cover events that do not require a Rescue Unit, however it has the capability to be converted into a second Rescue Unit with the use of a specially adapted stretcher frame which replaces one of the two stretchers and carries most of the rescue equipment necessary. At some events both vehicles are crewed and available.

For car rallies, Hogg Rescue 2 is normally at the start of a special stage and should an incident occur then the vehicle, under the direction of the Stage Commander and Rally Control, proceeds to the incident where the car is made safe, any fire extinguished and casualties extricated from the car and, if necessary, transported to Hospital.

The equipment carried on the vehicle complies with the MSA "Blue Book" requirements and in addition there are numerous other items carried to ensure total coverage of all extrication and pre-hospital immediate care emergencies.

Hogg Rescue 2 carries a selection of Rescue equipment - hydraulic, battery and manual. This includes:

Full set of Holmatro Spreaders, Cutters, Pedal Cutter and Extending Ram
2 DeWalt Reciprocating Battery-powered Saws
Dewalt Battery-powered "Nibbler"
Manual-powered Pedal Cutter

Medical Equipment
Coming soon......

Communication Equipment
In any Emergency, communication is Vital. Hogg Rescue 1 has a mass of communication equipment including:
2 MSA Registered VHF radios (81MHz-Rally and 169MHz-Race - Callsign: AUTO HOGG RESCUE TWO)
VHF High-Band radio for communication with Event Organisers
Isle of Man Ambulance Service TETRA Radio for communication with the Joint Emergency Services Control Room, and handheld Tetra radios carried by crew members
Mobile Phone
A stereo radio/cd player for weather forecasts!!
There is also an external PA system attached to the Siren system.